Money is the message (McLuhan)

Welcome to the only Ada Dada Club!

This is the official website for the DADA staking pool on the Cardano blockchain network! Our DADA pool is hosted on two vservers in northern Germany (not AWS!) in two different locations.

We take a margin of 2% and have fixed our costs at 340 ada. We guarantee that each block minted by DADA pool is a true and unique DadaAda block!

Our Pool ID is c89501f87a5893dd43c270ec601a9fe905bb65429c09d8bb4b2f7ef8

Our twitter handle is @AdaDada67180863

You can reach us via email at adadada[at]

Find our OpenPGP-Key here

Why? We are running this pool, because we are interested in the mostly still to be discovered possibilities that blockchains offer and we believe that blockchains provide possibilities that point beyond the capitalist way of organizing societies.